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Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional



Class Web Page

Revised: 7/26/2004

Create a class web page using valid HTML.

  • Use correct HTML (the page must validate as HTML 4.01 Transitional
  • The page must be online at
  • Links to:
    • the class web page
    • your blog
    • your twitter page
    • your final web site
    • your email (as a mailto link - optional)
    • .
  • The W3C validation badge
  • Must be named index.html (all lowercase, no spaces)
  • Must be uploaded to the public_html folder

Creating Your Page

  • You should create the page in a text editor such as TextWrangler or TextPad

Uploading Your Page

  • You can upload this page by logging into your Ai email and using the web-based interface, but you should get used to using an FTP client such as Cyberduck
  • Server / Host:
  • User Name: your Ai email address
  • Password: ******* (same as your Ai email password)
  • Path: /public_html (this is where your uploaded files and folders go)
  • FTP Settings example (using Cyberduck)
  • FTP Files and Folders screenshot (using Cyberduck)

Validating Your Page

Example Page