Sony DCR-TRV17 and DCR-TRV30 Mini-DV Camera
Check Out Guidelines
Updated: 1/26/03

Students enrolled in MM240 are authorized to check out the camera for a total of 7 24 hour periods during the semester. Students may reserve the Mini-DV cameras for check out periods of 24 hours (from noon until noon the following day). Students have the option of picking up the camera later than noon, but it still must be returned by noon the following day.

See the current Studio Ops information booklet for current late and no show fees.

Equipment Reservation Cancellation Policy
No fee if canceled with 24 hours notice.

Students should verify all contents at checkout and return.

Mini-DV Camera Package Includes:
DV Camera (DCR-TRV17 or DCR-TRV30)
camera case
AC Cable
AC to Camera Power Supply Cable
Mini-phono to triple RCA Stereo A/V cable
4-pin to 6-pin FireWire cable
The 4MB Memory Stick is no longer included

Questions should be addressed to:
Sean Fitzroy