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Broadcast Graphics Package

Create the on-air graphics for a special-interest news-magazine format television show. You decide the topic of the show.

Examples of Past Shows:

  • "The Duel" - A Medieval Duel and Jousting Show with live duels, expert commentary, etc
  • "Habitat" - A show about mountain biking, including trail tours and reviews, equipment reviews and interviews
  • "Gamer Reality " - A magazine show focusing on reviews of the latest console video games, game accessories, and interviews with game players
  • "Transworld Snowboarding" - A show covering snowboarding parks, trails, tricks and equipment. Interviews with the best boarders. (this show was adapted from the magazine)

Below are the specific graphics sequences required for the project. Most should be designed to go over video. Ideally, you should turn in 1 set of videos over black and 1 set of videos over video.

  • Title graphic / sequence
  • Lower 3rd titles (person)
  • Lower 3rd titles (other)
  • Intro from commercial
  • Outro to commercial
  • Segment Intro/Outro
  • Specific graphics related to your show (reviews, scores, charts, graphs, etc)

Grading Criteria:

  • 0% Show Proposal (required)
    • This is the proposal for the imaginary show (not the graphics package)
    • See sample proposal
    • Approval Required
  • 10% Show Proposal - Concept Storyboard
    • This is the proposal / concept for the motion graphics package for the show
    • Presentation should include general theme, mood board, real-world examples, justification and support of aesthetic choices
  • 20% - Storyboard (detailed .PSD files showing each element and animation stage)
    • Initial concept
    • Clarity of ideas as presented
    • Level of detail
  • 30% - Draft Video - Completed Broadcast Package Animation Movie
    • Initial concept
    • Clarity of ideas as presented
    • Level of detail
    • Translates concept from storyboard to motion video
    • Reflects feedback from last milestone
    • Is concept complete
    • Is accurately timed
  • 40% - Final Deliverable Movie
    • Details are complete, polished, and well executed
    • Reflects feedback from last milestone
    • Is correctly rendered and displays well on NTSC video
    • Animation is natural, aesthetically pleasing, and supports the look and feel of the topic