Sean Fitzroy: Digital Video
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Screen Capture Exercise

Create a 2 - 3 minute movie in Snapz Pro showing a user how to manipulate an image in Photoshop.

First set the resolution of you monitor to 800 x 600 or lower. Run though the demo that you will be recording once to make sure dialog boxes appear where you expect and that the preferences are set correctly.

When you're ready to record the screen, activate Snapz Pro and select the active area to record. Click the Snapz Pro icon in the Dock to stop recording. In the Snapz Pro dialog box, save the video using the Animation codec (with Quality set to 100%).

Now create a Final Cut Pro project and import the Snapz Pro video. The video will need to be rendered to DV before you can play it back. Using the tools on the Motion tab in Final Cut Pro, you can adjust the video to better communicate to your audience. You can slow down, speed up, and scale the video. Also, be aware of the title and action safe area. If what your are displaying in the menu bar of your video is important, you must scale or reposition the video so that it will be visible on a television.