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Assignment Guidelines

These documents describe the expectations and grading criteria for class assignments. These links are generally active after the class in which the assignment is discussed.

  • Email Assignment - Send an email to the instructor from your school email account describing yourself, your interests, your major, and your experience with computers. In the subject put "CSI101 Thursday 4pm" and your First and Last Name".
  • TextEdit / Drop Box Assignment - Create a file in TextEdit, name it with your name, and place it in the CSI101 folder that I created in the drop box.
  • Computer Spec / SubEtha Edit Group Assignment (in class) - Form a team of 4 - 5 people and collaborate on 1 text document using SubEthaEdit. The document should provide the specifications for 4 types of computers of varying prices (details will be provided in class). When your team is done, turn in the document via the drop box.
  • Microsoft Word / Multiple Choice Assignment - Create a document in Microsoft Word that contains 5 multiple choice questions (from the reading) with possible answers (1 answer should be the correct one). Use nested lists in Word to create the document (use a numbered list for the questions and lowercase letters for the possible answers). Email the assignment to the instructor as an attachment.
    Extra credit: create an invisible table in Word with 5 matching questions from the book.
  • Microsoft Excel / Annual Budget Assignment - Create a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel that contains income and expenses for the year. Subtract expenses from income every month. Show annual totals for each expense and income category. Extra credit for using conditional formatting.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Assignment - Create a 5 minute presentation in PowerPoint (6 - 12 slides). Pick a topic that you are familiar with and can teach to the class. The presentation should be clear and informative. There is no grade for gratuitous animations, sound effects, etc.
  • Dreamweaver Web Page - Create a personal web page in Dreamweaver and upload it to your school web space.
  • Extra Credit Paper - Read The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence and write a 5 page response paper. The paper should respond to the theories and scenarios described in the book. This is an optional assignment worth up to an additional 10% of your grade.