Sean Fitzroy: Understanding Computer Technologies
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Welcome to Understanding Computer Technologies

Class Topics and Reading Assignments

The first 6 weeks, class is in a Mac lab, and then the final 6 weeks will be in classroom a PC lab.

Week 1: Course Overview / Introduction to the Mac OS X

  • Syllabus Review
  • Course Website
  • Testing out of CSI 101
  • Introduction to Mac OS X
  • Working with the Aii Email system

Week 2: Computer Hardware and Software

  • Use of available computers (Library, Student Services, Classrooms, etc.) for course assignments
  • Trouble Reports/Technical Issues
  • Discussion: Viruses – email attachments
  • De terming the hardware configuration on a Mac
  • Collaborative Editing with SubEthaEdit
  • Hardware Software List Assignment (due in class)
  • Computer Spec / SubEtha Edit Group Assignment Due (in class assignment)
  • Read for Next Week: The Robin William Mac OS X Book
    Mini-glossary (pages xvii-xx)
    Chapter 1, “Finding Your Way Around”
    Chapter 3, “The Mouse”
    Chapter 4, “Keys and the Keyboard”
    Chapter 5, “Menus and Shortcuts”
    Chapter 6, “How To use The Windows”
    Chapter 7, “All About Icons”
    Chapter 8, “All About the Dock”
    Chapter 37, “Ports and Peripherals”

Week 3: File Management and Microsoft Word

  • Moving, Copying, and creating Aliases to files
  • Customizing the Dock and adding folders
  • Customizing the Finder window
  • Searching using Find with Advanced Options
  • User and Home folders
  • Force Quitting Applications using CMD-OPTION-ESC
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word
    Creating Lists and Tables
  • Read for Next Week: The Robin William Mac OS X Book
    Chapter 9, “The Desktop, Finder, and Home”
    Chapter 10, “How to Use Folders"
    Chapter 11, “Selecting, Moving, and Copying Files"
    Chapter 12, “Opening Applications and Documents"
    Chapter 13, “Word Processing”

Week 4: Printing, Disk Utility, and the Web

  • Read for Next Week:
    Chapter 14, “Saving Your Documents"
    Chapter 15, “Printing"
    Chapter 16, “Closing and Quitting”
    Chapter 17, “Using the Trash "
    Chapter 18, “Ejecting Disks "
    Chapter 19, “Restart Shut-Down or Log Out "
    Chapter 20, “Multiple Users and Their Homes "
    Chapter 23, “Using Aliases "
    Chapter 25,“Find Files on Your Computer"
    Chapter 28, pg 454 "Apple System Profiler"
    Chapter 28, pg 455 "Disk Utility"
    Chapter 28, pg 455 "Disk Utility"
    Chapter 38, “Formatting and Partitioning "

Week 5: Publishing on the Web

  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Creating a Site
  • Creating a basic web page
  • FTP
  • Read for Next Week:
    Chapter 27, “Applications on Your Mac"
    Chapter 35, "Sharing Files Between Several Macs"

Week 6: Music, Video, and Pictures: The iApps

  • Read for Next Week:
    Chapter 29, "What is the Internet?"
    Chapter 30, "Connecting to the Internet and the Web "
    Chapter 30, "Using the World Wide Web"

Week 7: Introduction to Windows

  • Test # 2
  • The Windows Interface:
    Start Menu, Task Bar, System Tray, Explorer
  • Windows Folders and File Management
  • Using Internet Explorer
  • Video: Triumph of the Nerds (part 1)
  • Read for Next Week: How Computers Work Ch 1 - 5

Week 8: Software - Operating Systems and Applications

  • The Killer Application
  • GUI, CLI
  • Input / Output
  • Operating Systems, Utilities, Applications
  • Video: Triumph of the Nerds (part 2)
  • Read for Next Week: How Computers Work Ch 6 - 10

Week 9: Creating Spreadsheets in Excel

  • Video: Triumph of the Nerds (part 3)

Week 10: Creating Presentations in PowerPoint

  • Read for Next Week:
    How Computers Work ch 23 - 25, 26, 29 - 32

Week 11: The Internet

Week 12: Final Exam and Final Projects