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Email Assignment

Revised: 9/16/2009

Your 1st assignment is to activate and log into your Aii email account through You must also send me and introduction email from your primary email account. This should be from the account you use and check regularly - this doesn't have to be your Aii email account, but it can be.

Your email conform to the following guidelines.

  • Send the email from an account you check frequently (your NEiA email address or another account)
  • Your must send it to
  • The subject line of the email should be as follows:
    CSI110, Your First and Last Name, Day of Class, Time of Class

    For example, if the class is on Wednesday at 12:30pm and your name is Robin Smith, your subject line should say:
    CSI110, Robin Smith, Wednesday, 12:30pm
  • Write a fews paragraphs about yourself and your experience with the Internet, as well as your goals for the future. Specifically, you're paragraph should address the following:
    • Describe your previous experience using computers and the Internet
    • How do you currently use the internet? (be as specific as possible)
    • Describe your goals for attending NEiA and for your career.
    • Describe your interests and hobbies (they don't necessarily have to relate to the Internet)
    • Describe any creative projects you've completed or are working on
    • Include any other information about yourself that you want to share
    • Include your a link to twitter account in your email. It should look like:
    • You must attach a photo of yourself if you didn't upload one to your Twitter account.

Email Account Setup and Sign-In Issues

If you don't know the login or password for your email account you can reset it on the web site, if you set up a challenge question. If you're unable to reset your account, you must go to the MIS window at the end of hall (across from the full-time faculty office). You will need your student ID to obtain the information for your email account.

If you receive your temporary password from MIS you will be able to log in to your student email account When you log in for the first time the system will tell you that your password has expired and that you need to update it. This is normal because the password that MIS gave you is a temporary password. You will need to select a new password that you will remember and then log in again with the new password.

Setting Your Email Account to Forward to Another Account

If you don't intend to check your Aii email account on a regular basis, you can forward your Aii email to your personal account. If you do this, be sure to uncheck the option to "Save a Copy of Forwarded Messages". If you don't uncheck this box, your college account will fill up and you won't be able to receive new email.