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Final Web Site Project (minimum 6 pages)

Revised: 11/14/2009

Your project topic must be approved in advance. Project topics should be subbmited via email.

You can choose one of the following two options:

An informational site providing an overview of a particular topic (something your an expert in or relected to your major) or a site for an organization (you are responsible for contacting the organization). They cannot already have a web site. If you chose this open you MUST get it approved in advance. You are COMPLETELY responsible for getting all the necessary content from the organization in a timely fashion.  

Aesthetic Requirements:

  • It is a good idea to make a mock-up and/or flow-chart of the site before you start writing HTML.
  • The site should have specific goals. Think about who will be accessing this site.
  • The design of the site should scale well for multiple display sizes, resolutions, and devices.
  • The site should be intuitive to navigate.
  • The design/layout should reinforce the message and the content and be consistent throughout all of the pages. Graphics and other design elements should be justified by the goals and content of the site.
  • Content should be formatted and presented in a logical fashion.
  • All text content should be checked for spelling and grammar.
  • You must list ownership information for all images and link to the owner’s site

Technical Requirements:

  • Your pages must validate as HTML 4.01 Transitional (points will be deducted for each error)
  • The site must link from your csi110 class web page
  • All pages should display correctly in the current versions Firefox and Safari
  • File names should be in all lowercase, use the correct extensions, and contain no spaces or illegal characters.
  • Images should be compressed and sized appropriately for display on a web page.
  • Graphics should be compressed in whichever format is appropriate to the content of the image (GIF/PNG-8 or JPEG.
  • The files should be uploaded to your AII web space and linked from your class web site.
  • All code must be generated by hand, by the student using a text editor. The use of WYSIWYG editors or code written by another person is forbidden, and may result in disciplinary action, not limited to failure of the assignment or  the course.

Each page should contain / use:

  • Correct use of standard skeletal tags
  • Correct use of H# tags for headings only
  • Any text formatting should use CSS
  • A menu which links to all of the other “top-level” pages of the site, and is consistent on every page

The following should be used at least once in the site:

  • 1 list (ordered or unordered)
  • Author’s contact information with an email link


  • You must cite all of the sources that you use for this project by stating and linking to the source. This includes pictures, words, ideas, etc using standard MLA citation. If you do not understand how to do this, refer to your MLA handbook. If you have questions, see me.