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Twitter Assignment

Revised: 9/16/2009

This assignment consists of signing up for a Twitter account, filling out the profile information, uploading a photo of yourself, and "following" or subscribing to the two class accounts (csi110, csi110alerts) listed below. Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that will allow you to post short messages and subscribe to short messages from other users, including links, updates, and alerts from this class.

  • Go to and sign up for an account.
    • Use you primary email address and pick a password that you will remember.
    • Your Twitter ID does not have to be your real name, but you must put your first and last name in the first and last name field when you sign up.
    • Go to Settings, click the Account tab, and fill out the information in your profile (short bio, location, and a link to your website or blog if you've already set yours up.
    • Click the Devices tab enter enter your cell phone number. Twitter will send you a test message which you will need to respond to to confirm your cell phone account.
    • Go to and click Follow.
    • Go to and click Follow, then click the small triangle next to "Following" and set device updates to "On". This will forward tweets from this account to your phone as text (SMS) messages.
      • You generally won't want to forward tweets from people you follow to your phone, but this account is used only for last minute alerts regarding class changes or cancelations for CSI110. You can always turn off "tweets" to your cell phone at any time for any or all Twitter accounts that you follow.
      • If you don't see the option for "Device Updates" you may not have added you phone number to Twitter, or you may not have confirmed the text message from Twitter.
      • You can also forward the main CSI110 account to your phone, if you don't check Twitter regularly but you won't be able to follow links.
    • When you find a link or article that is relevant to the class, tweet it and add #csi110 somewhere in the message so other students in the class can search for the hashtag, even if they're not following you.
    • Check daily for articles and links that are relevant to class. Often we'll be discussing these in the next class.